Only $195 per year for first year, then $125 per year.
Up to 15 months for the price of 12 when your application is approved between 1 April and 30 June.
Membership includes insurance covering person and equipment during Club events.

About D.G.C Membership

The Club provides golfing activities for members (Men, Women and Juniors) regardless of age, skill level or physical ability.
The Club plays competition and social golf all year-round and includes a number of mixed events in a busy calendar. Apart from several major events, regular 18-hole competitions are played on Tuesday (Men & Ladies), Friday (Seniors & Ladies), Saturday (Men & Ladies) and Sunday (Open).

Regular 9-hole (Open) competitions are conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays. Social golf activities are generally arranged for Public Holidays. During the summer months the Club runs an ‘Open’ mixed 9-hole twilight event on Wednesdays.
Competition Fees apply for entry into all Club competitions.

Club teams participate in the V.G.L. (Scratch, Handicap and Seniors) and V.W.G.L. Pennant competitions.

The Club has a Restricted Club Liquor License with the facilities open to Members on a limited basis.

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The following are the steps, and approximate time taken, required to be completed before an Applicant becomes a member of the Dorset Golf Club Inc.

  1. Membership Application and the appropriate Fees are received by the Membership Officer.  (The Application is not processed until the joining Fees are paid)
  2. The Membership Officer forwards the Fees to the Treasurer and places a notice on the notice board in the club rooms that a new membership application has been received giving the name(s) of the applicant(s).  This notice must be displayed for at least 14 days to allow for any objections to the application to be submitted to the Management Committee.  (14 – 16 days).
  3. A 1st Letter is sent to the Applicant, with a receipt, as acknowledgement.
  4. The Membership Application is sent to the Club Secretary who submits it before the Management Committee for approval.  The Applicant is not a member until the Management Committee has voted on and approved their application.
  5. When the 14 – 16 day display period has lapsed, the Management Committee will convene a special meeting to consider the new application(s).  Under normal circumstances Applications are processed within the 14 to 16 days of the Application having been received by the Membership Officer.
  6. Where unforseen delays effect the processing of an Application, the Management Committee may choose to make the Applicant an “Honorary Member”.  This will allow the Applicant to submit the 3 cards necessary to achieve a handicap in readiness of their Application for full membership being approved by the Management Committee.
  7. If the Application(s) are approved the Membership Officer will create a Membership Number for the new Member(s).  A 2nd Letter is then sent to the Applicant advising of the Management Committee’s decision and their Membership Number.
  8. The Applicant(s), who do not already have a Golflink number, will not be allocated a handicap or a Golflink number until they are approved as a member by the Management Committee.  From the 1st of December 2007, players will not be allowed to submit cards for handicapping purposes until they have been approved as either an Honorary Member or a full Member by a meeting of the Management Committee.  This is a requirement of the VGL.  An Applicant who has membership of another club and a valid handicap may play in Competitions as a Visitor up to 4 times before their membership is approved.
  9. Golf LINK cards are allocated by the AGU.  The AGU do not know about the application until it has been approved by the Management Committee and the initial handicap allocated.  When the membership application has been approved and the member has provided the required number (three) of cards for a handicap, their details are submitted to the AGU and the AGU will send their Golflink card to the home address provided on your application (Timing unknown.)
  10. Any queries that a membership applicant might have should be directed to the Membership Officer, or the appropriate Club Captain (Men’s or Ladies).
  11. Cards Submitted for the purposes of obtaining a handicap must be played during an official DGC Inc. competition or be marked by a member of the Men’s or Ladies (as appropriate) committee.  Cards will not be accepted if scored outside these conditions.


All Membership related complaints and grievances shall be made in writing to the Board of Management. If the Board of Management is unable to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the aggrieved party/parties, the board of Management shall submit the written grievance to the General committee. If the grievance is still not able to be resolved then an independent conciliator may be appointed.

Committee 2015/16
Executive Commitee


…… a mixed Club. Professional W. J. “Bill” Britten originally formed the club when Austgolf took on the running of the new course in 1984.
The Lady members separated subsequently and formed a mid-week ladies club, also under the Austgolf umbrella.
The Men’s club continued until 1999 when a new structure was drawn up under a steering committee chaired by Graham Morris, and so the Dorset Golf Club Incorporated was formalized.
A committee was nominated and elected in November of that year.
The club does not discriminate on the basis of gender, physical handicap, race or creed. All members have equal rights.
The Board of Management consists of seven (7) members, the club President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain and Ladies President, all of whom must have been formally elected.
The Men’s committee and the Ladies committee run the golfing affairs of the male and female members of the club. The members of these committees are elected by the male and female club members respectively.

Stephen MagnusonStephen MagnusonClub President - 9728 6064

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IMG_0224(2)Peter SierSecretary / Public Officer - 9735 2839

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IMG_0221(2)Noel McIntoshTreasurer - 9722 9153

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Men’s Committee

Gary LehmanGary LehmanMen's President - 0419 892 154

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David AmoryDavid AmoryMen's Secretary - 0417 007 911

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Elias HaddadElias HaddadMen's Captain - 0409 348 266

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Glen WilliamsonGlen WilliamsonMen's Vice-Captain - 0418 589 613

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IMG_0218Peter BurbidgeMembership Officer / Handicapper - 0403 071 739

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IMG_0222Dan McIvorCommittee Member - 9779 3004

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Ian MilgateIan MilgateCommittee Member - 0418 288 037

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Geoff BerryGeoff BerryCommittee Member - 0415 112 638

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Ladies Committee

Ladies Committee Members



Lois Exon – 9729 3701


Joan McFarlane – 9874 1304


Stef Silcox – 0400 957 597


Nicki Sheehan – 0419 303 136


Pam Brown – 9724 9052

Assisting Treasurer

Lynn Hawkless – 9893 2622


Denise Hawkins – 9720 1190

Committee Member

Helga Biezen – 9725 8894

Committee Member

Pat Smith – 9729 4742

Committee Member

Rita Ravn – 9728 1398

Committee Member

Michelle Cox – 9725 3554

Local Rules

LOCAL RULES for Dorset Golf Club Competitions

(To be read in conjunction with the R & A Rules of Golf)

Effective from Friday April 1, 2016. (Supersedes Local Rules printed on the Scorecard)

  1. Out of Bounds     (Rule 27)
    Defined by boundary fences and all other areas by white stakes with black tops. The white stakes with black tops on the Right of the 13th fairway and on the Left of the 14th fairway mark O.O.B
  2. MOVEABLE OBSTRUCTIONS     (Rule 24-1)
    (a) Stones in Bunkers. (b) Hoops (please ensure they are replaced).
    (a) Small Trees and Shrubs (must have been planted), under 2 club lengths high, relief must be taken.
    (b) Sprinklers within 2 club lengths of the Green, in the line of play. (c) All roads and paths. (d) Spare hole covers. (e) Protective netting inside the course, but only if it interferes with stance or swing.
    (a) All Garden Areas which are bordered with rocks, sleepers, concrete or rope, or as defined on the Garden Beds map, relief must be taken. (b) All Earthworks, through the green, are GUR and Relief must be taken. (c) Embedded Stones through the Green. (e) Embedded ball on the fairway or in fairway length grass. (f) A Drainage Ditch, relief may be taken.
  5. WATER HAZARDS     (Rule 26)
    The Water Hazard & Regeneration Area near the 11th Green and 12th Tee (defined by Yellow/Black striped stakes is a prohibited area and must be treated as a Lateral Water Hazard from the 11th tee and as a Water Hazard from the 12th tee. If your ball lays within the Regeneration Area you must take a penalty drop.

Any Breach of these Local Rules will incur a Penalty:
Loss of Hole in Match play, or a 2-stroke penalty in Stroke Play

Map of Garden Beds The Map

Stake Definitions

  • Yellow & Black Stakes: Regeneration Area – Play Prohibited
  • Red Stakes: Lateral Water Hazard
  • Yellow Stakes: Water Hazard
  • White Stakes: GUR
  • White Stakes, Black Tops: Out of Bounds (OOB)

Definition of Garden Beds GardenBeds-Definition

Notices / Results

Tues & Fri 9 Hole Competitions

From Friday 3 June, an ‘Open’ 9 hole competition will be held
each Tuesday and Friday, replacing the current Ladies and
Seniors 9 hole comps.

Identification of Garden Beds


From 1 April 2016, the identification of garden beds will be as follows….
“Only areas with plants/shrubs/decorative grasses that have a border of rock or concrete or
timber (sleeper etc) would be defined as a Garden Bed. Areas without such a border would
be play as it lays.”

Notice: GardenBeds-Redefinition

Up-To-Date Results

Beyondblue Charity Day
Click the link to the right to see how your team placed.

Montrose & Community – Bendigo Bank Trophy

Mens Winner – Michael Hardy
Ladies Winner – Dianne Baker
Mest best Front 9 – Michael Hardy
Mens best Back 9 – Carl Schoonraad
Ladies best Front 9 – Dianne Baker
Ladies best Back 9 – Dianne Baker

Seniors Club Championships

Seniors Champion – Hilton Heldsinger
Seniors Minor Champion – Elias Haddad
Seniors A Grade Champion – Peter Burbidge
Seniors B Grade Champion – Elias Haddad
Seniors C Grade Champion – Tony Lyon

Club Championships

Club Champion – Aaron Harris
Minor Champion – Luke Tonkin
A Grade Champion – Michael Hardy
B Grade Champion – Alan Morton
C Grade Champion – Alan Robertson
Junior Champion – Ben Heard

O.B Gray Trophy

Winner: John Henderson (15) — Total: 121
Second: Eric Carroll (17) — Total: 114
Third: John Silcox (20) — Total: 110

O.B Gray2016

Eclectic Results – 2016

These are the Eclectic results for the 2016 Competition year.

In-Progress Competitions – 2016

H.S Warner Trophy – Over 60 – Matchplay – 5 Rounds.

Senior’s Stableford Championships – Stableford – 3 Rounds.

Matchplay Championships (Scratch).

Matchplay Championships (H.Cap).

Club Calendar

You can click on an event date to see the format of the competition for the day. (e.g. Stroke/Stableford/Par etc.)

Next Month » « Prev Month
VGL Pennant Rd. 4 (Handicap)VGL Pennant Rd. 4 (Scratch)Open: Stroke - Cock of…
Ladies: VGL Pennant Finals @…
Ladies: StrokeMen: Stroke
Entries CLOSE for Senior Stableford…Ladies: StrokeMen: Stroke
Entries OPEN for Memorial TrophyLadies: StrokeMen: Stroke
Open: 4BBB Stableford
Ladies: Anne Wallace Matchplay FINALLadies: StablefordMen: 4BBB Stableford
Ladies: Stableford Championships Rd. 1Senior Stableford Championships Rd. 1Ladies: Stableford + 1 More
Men: Matchplay Championships Rd. 3Ladies: Stableford Trophy Rd. 1Men: Stableford
VGL Pennant Rd. 5 (Handicap)VGL Pennant Rd. 5 (Scratch)Open: Stableford
Ladies: StablefordMen: Par
Senior Stableford Championships Rd. 2Ladies: Stableford Championships Rd. 2Men: Stableford
Ladies: Stableford Trophy Rd. 2Men: Par
VGL Pennant Rd. 6 (Handicap)VGL Pennant Rd. 6 (Scratch)Open: Stableford
Ladies: Aggregate ParMen: Par
H. S Warner FINAL -…Senior Stableford Championships FINALLadies: Stableford Championships Rd. 3 + 1 More
Entries CLOSE for Bill Britten…Entries CLOSE for Putting Champs…Ladies: Aggregate Stableford + 1 More
VGL Pennant Finals @ Werribee…Open: 4BBB Stableford
Ladies: StablefordMen: Split 6's
Charity Day
Not Handicapped
Mens-Not Handicapped
Ladies-Not Handicapped
Public Holiday

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