The MiClub system is used for Competition bookings.  The login ID used for this is the Membership number.  However, when booking from the Kiosk in the Club Rooms, Members may also swipe their GolfLink card.  Bookings for the following week open at the Kiosk 7 days prior and to the Internet 5 days prior to the competition day.  All bookings close to both the Kiosk and Internet 48 hours before the event.  On the day of the Competition, the Kiosk may be used for ‘last minute’ bookings, provided vacancies exist.

Unless otherwise advised ALL players entering a Competition need to use the Player Registration button, which enters the player into the Competition, after which a scorecard is printed.  When the Competition is a Team event e.g 4BBB this is particularly important.

Players are required to play in the timeslot that they have selected, or been assigned.

  1. All Bookings for Tuesday; Friday; Saturday and Sunday are made by using the MiClub system.
  2. Bookings for Wednesday are made through the Pro Shop only, but Members must then ‘Register’ for the Competition using the MiClub system.
  3. Tuesday and Friday TimeSheets will have timeslots reserved for Ladies only.  These will become available for Men members 2 days prior to the Competition.
  4. Friday is for members 50 years and over; no bookings are to be made by any other players.  Younger players may fill places still vacant on the Friday of play, but players younger than 50 will be prevented by the MiClub system from ‘Registering’ for the Competition and are therefore not eligible for any prizes or Handicapping.
  5. On Saturdays all times on the TimeSheet will be available to any Member, regardless of gender.
  6. The number of bookings a Member can make on a given day will be restricted by the MiClub system.  Currently a maximum of 2 (self and one other), except for the early block on Sunday which is restricted to 1 booking per Member.
  7. Phone Bookings are not available at all.
  8. Payment for your booking (or provision of your Maroondah Leisure membership number if applicable) must be made to Course Management at least 2 days prior to your tee-time.  Members not paying before the due date may lose their tee-time and have to re-book on the day of Competition for a later time.

Your tee time can be confirmed by using MiClub, or by contacting Course Management during the week. Late bookings can be made through the MiClub booking system, either via the internet or by using the MiClub KIOSK located in the Club rooms..



Competition Tee Times


Members are requested to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their tee time. Failure to do this may result in you losing your time and entry into the day’s competition.

SUNDAY. From 24 April 2016 the Club has been assigned block bookings from 7:32 until 07:56 and 10:28 through until 11:16.  Play must be within those blocks of time.

TUESDAY. The Club has block bookings on for Tuesdays starting at 07:16  until 08:04 and then again from 09:16 through until 10:36.

WEDNESDAY. An evening 9 hole competition (‘Chook Run‘)is run during the Daylight Savings months on Wednesday evenings with tee off be between 16:00 and 18:00.  To be eligible for the competition tee off must be within those times. Bookings need to be made through Course Management.

FRIDAY. The Club has a block booking for Members from 07:16 through to 08:44 and then again from 09:48 through until 11:08.

SATURDAY. On Saturdays the Club has a block booking from 07:56 through until 10:52.  For the VGL Medal Saturday, a draw may be held to allocate tee times. Members wishing to partake in the draw must register their interest before 11:00 am on the Saturday prior to the competition,  with tee times allocated thereafter.


Visitors and Guests

The following conditions apply to members and guests who are playing visitors.

A Member shall not introduce more than two (2) playing visitors on any one occasion.  The member must play with his/her visitors/guests.  No person shall be introduced as a visitor/guest on any more than four (4) occasions in any one calendar year.

A Member introducing a visitor/guest to the club must sign them into the visitor’s book on arrival and before commencing play.

A Member shall not knowingly introduce as a visitor…

  1. any person whose name has been expunged from the register of the club
  2. any person who has been refused membership of the club or any other registered club
  3. any person whose presence may, or may reasonably be believed to, have a disruptive influence.  Such a visitor may be asked to leave the club and/or be refused permission to play in the club competition.

Exceptions to this rule may only be allowed by the permission of the General Committee.