Only $195 per year for first year, then $125 per year.
Up to 15 months for the price of 12 when your application is approved between 1 April and 30 June.
Membership includes insurance covering person and equipment during Club events.

About D.G.C Membership

The Club provides golfing activities for members (Men, Women and Juniors) regardless of age, skill level or physical ability.
The Club plays competition and social golf all year-round and includes a number of mixed events in a busy calendar. Apart from several major events, regular 18-hole competitions are played on Tuesday (Men & Ladies), Friday (Seniors & Ladies), Saturday (Men & Ladies) and Sunday (Open).

Regular 9-hole (Open) competitions are conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays. Social golf activities are generally arranged for Public Holidays. During the summer months the Club runs an ‘Open’ mixed 9-hole twilight event on Wednesdays.
Competition Fees apply for entry into all Club competitions.

Club teams participate in the V.G.L. (Scratch, Handicap and Seniors) and V.W.G.L. Pennant competitions.

The Club has a Restricted Club Liquor License with the facilities open to Members on a limited basis.

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The following are the steps, and approximate time taken, required to be completed before an Applicant becomes a member of the Dorset Golf Club Inc.

  1. Membership Application and the appropriate Fees are received by the Membership Officer.  (The Application is not processed until the joining Fees are paid)
  2. The Membership Officer forwards the Fees to the Treasurer and notifies the Committee that a new membership application has been received, giving the name(s) of the applicant(s).
  3. The Membership Application is considered by the Committee for approval.  Assuming that there are no objections, the Application is approved.  The Applicant is not a member until the Management Committee has voted on and approved their application.
  4. Once the Application(s) are approved the Membership Officer will create a Membership Number for the new Member(s), along with a Golflink number, if they don’t already have one.
  5. A ‘Welcome’ Letter is then sent to the Applicant advising them of the Committee’s decision, their Membership number, and where applicable, their Golflink number.
  6. New Members who don’t already have a Golflink handicap will need to submit three cards for the purpose of obtaining a handicap.  These cards must be from playing within an official Dorset Golf Club (DGC) competition, and be marked/signed by another DGC Member.  Cards will not be accepted if scored outside these conditions.
  7. New Members will be sent their Golflink card by  the AGU and the AGU, who will send it to the home address provided on your application (Timing unknown.)
  8. Any queries that a membership applicant might have should be directed to the Membership Officer, or the appropriate Club Captain (Men’s or Ladies).


All Membership related complaints and grievances shall be made in writing to the Management Committee. If the Management Committee is unable to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the aggrieved party/parties, then an independent conciliator may be appointed.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are due and payable on or before June 30th each year.  Invoices are generally issued in April/May.

Payments may be made via Cash; Cheque; Funds Transfer into the Club’s bank account; BPay; or by using Points from winnings. Payment via Monthly Instalments (Direct Debit) is also offered.   Note:  Payments via BPay will incur an additional $5.50 service fee.

Late payment of Annual Subscriptions will result in a member being excluded from all club activities, including competitions.  Our Booking system, MiClub, will enforce the Club’s “No Pay…. No Play” policy.

In cases where the payment is excessively late (2 months) a person will cease to be a member of the club and will need to apply for membership as if joining for the first time, including payment of administration costs and joining fee.

Members seeking special consideration for the Annual Subscription timelines should apply to the Club Secretary prior to 30 June.