Mens Championships – Changes

Men Members.

Changes have been made that could potentially reduce the significant amount of administrative work associated with the running of the various Men’s Championships (Individual not Teamed).

The Changes:

  • All Members (Men) playing in the daily competition for any Round of the Championship would automatically be included in that Championship’ ladder.
  • Playing in each and every Round of the respective Championship would be the primary criteria for who is registered for that Championship.
  • The would be no Draw(s) for any round.  Players would play at any time within the Competition timesheet.

Comments :

  1. The Championship Registration fee is basically just a pre-payment of the Daily Competition fee and nothing more.
  2. A Simplification and / or Reduction in the Administrative work load would be a welcome benefit to the Captain / Scorers and other behind the scenes volunteers.

Benefits Arising from the Changes:

  • Members would never have to again worry about Registration Open / Close dates for a Championship and whether or not they’d registered for this / that or the other.
  • Members would still pay the Daily Competition fee (plus voluntary HiO), but there would be no longer be a need to pre-Pay for a Championship.
  • There would be no need for the Captain/Scorer to produce a Draw (Seeded or other) for any Round.
  • Producing the multi-Round Ladder in MiClub would be significantly simplified, as everyone playing each Round would be able to be included.
  • The ‘multi-Round’ Competition for the Championship in MiClub would be setup to require contestants to play in every Round, which would automatically exclude from final contention those who miss a round or two.
  • There would be no need to write up Registrations within the Major Competitions book.
  • There would no longer be a need for a list of Championship contenders,
  • The workload involved in determining who has paid on the day would be simplified significantly.
  • The Club Syllabus would be simplified, as there’d no longer need to be Open / Close dates for these individual Championships.