Saturday Competitions for 2017 Competition Year

During 2016 the number of Ladies playing on Saturdays has been steadily diminishing to the point where only one or two are now competing. To address this, the Ladies and Men’s Committees have agreed to run the Saturday Competition as an ‘Open‘ competition. That means that both Men and Ladies will compete within the same events on Saturdays.

  • On Medal Days, there will be a Saturday Medal for Ladies, andĀ also a Long Drive for the Ladies on those days, but there would need to be six (6) or more ladies in the competition.
  • The Ladies would also be included within the Saturday Eclectic competition which runs from November to October.
  • During Men’s Championship days, the Ladies would only be included in the Daily Competition.
  • There would be no special NTP’s for the Ladies on any hole.
  • The Ladies would use the same Competition Fee envelopes as the Men.
  • All prizes won by the Ladies would be recorded within the same Points/Balls database, as used by the Men.

These changes are due to commence from 5 Nov 2016, covering the entire 2017 Competition Year which runs from November 2016 to October 2017.